An Internship at RedPixie: What working in a modern office is like.

Having worked as a Summer Intern in the marketing and sales section of RedPixie in 2014, I was excited by the opportunity to come back and use the skills I had learned from my previous internship as well as from the last two years I have spent at university.

I was excited because I had an absolute blast last time (this place is like something out of ‘The Internship’ film, which is about interning at Google) and was hoping for even more of a challenge this time around.

I was going to finish university on the Saturday morning and be in the office Monday morning (not a lot of time to recover!) ready to give up my 5 week Easter holiday to gain more experience in a field I find stimulating and am considering pursuing after I graduate. In my time at RedPixie, I have continued to develop my understanding of the use of social media and content marketing.

While here, I made some observations of what a modern office (and this place is seriously modern) is and how it compares to most people’s vision of an office job.

What to expect…

Firstly, as would be expected from a tech company, all work is done on some form of cutting-edge technology or software.

Walking into the office, it is immediately obvious that you can never be more than a meter away from a screen; every employee has two screens to work on. You can’t even get away from it at lunch — there is a 54″ TV screen with an Xbox in the kitchen so everyone can get the most out of their lunch hour.

I found myself almost overwhelmed by the thought of being the youngest person working in a company and being the furthest behind in my understanding of technology.

What does that mean?

The software was incredible — Office365 meant that I could get to my work any time, any place, so I never had to worry about what desk I was at. Skype for Business was possibly one of my favourite applications — it allowed me to avoid ever having to walk across the office to talk to someone, I could simply instant message them!

The technology is what I found the most astonishing part: this technology seemed like a way for businesses to push productivity levels to the maximum.

what will this mean for my future — will I ever be able to take a proper break when I’m at work??

The idea that you can work from home with so much ease immediately seemed amazing (you’d never have to leave the bed!), which led me to wonder if maybe the reason few businesses are totally mobile is simply because people are too afraid of letting go of the traditional office set-up.

‘Little perks’

There are plenty of little perks to working at RedPixie, like free bowls of fruit, biscuits in cool mason jars, free cereal (who needs breakfast on the go anymore?).

This is not necessarily what you might expect from a ‘small’ start-up.

The location was great too; Shoreditch, the Silicon Roundabout, the tech capital of the UK, which also came with trendy hipster shops and great eateries.

Obviously, there are less superficial bonuses to working in a leading tech company.

RedPixie has won prestigious awards like the Microsoft Worldwide Cloud Partner of the Year 2014 Award, which means working for exciting clients and getting to come in contact with other industry leaders.


There’s an incredibly unique atmosphere to working in a start-up.

It’s a different energy; everything happens incredibly fast and the people literally live and breathe technology.

It was a particularly exciting time to be working at RedPixie since it recently acquired Cloudamour, meaning that there was a whole new set of people and opportunities to approach.

During my last week, RedPixie held a Windows 10 Event which was an immense success and I was fortunate enough to be a part of and was certainly the highlight of my time at RedPixie.

The event included many guests from leading companies, and it was my responsibility to meet and greet them before passing them on to the Sales Team. The presentations were led by RedPixie’s CEO, Mitchell, and Adam Khan, who works for Windows and focused on the security and productivity aspects surrounding Windows 10.

This was a hugely important event for RedPixie and for the business leaders considering upgrading their company’s software to Windows 10.

It was definitely lots of fun to help organise and to run on the day, as it gave me a good insight into how corporate events work.

And after all that…

Overall, while I learned a great deal of new skills and met many new people during my internship, I was also able to gain an insight into how offices as such are being totally altered by new technologies and how comparatively behind most businesses are.

The tech industry is definitely an exciting industry to work in, especially since it is on the fringe of all the exciting developments which are affecting how people will work in the future.

Written by Gabriella Mitchell | Intern, RedPixie | Originally posted on

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