BIG NEWS — I’ve got a new gig and this week is my last week with Samsung Internet 🚀

For those of you that know me in real life, you’ll know that in the past year I’ve been busy avoiding writing my PhD thesis whilst travelling the world doing Developer Relations flavoured things. It’s been a blast 😂 🙈

I guess in a way then I have two surprises…

So it is time for…

In this article we will look at ally-ship in the context of gender diversity in the technology industry & highlight some of the things that are problematic with “on paper” ally-ship.

So you’re a feminist. You believe all genders are equal. You support disbanding with the gender binary. You say all the right things on social media and occasionally call others out on their biases.

But are you really doing all you can to lift up underrepresented folks in tech?

BEFORE YOU READ ON: This post will be uncomfortable for some. It has been widely reviewed by a number of…

words by Amy & Velvet

Welcome back everyone it’s 2019! Which brings us FIVE fantastic years of the Inspire Women in Technology Conference and with it an opportunity to celebrate all of the folks that have supported this event over the years.

What is Inspire WiT?

Inspire WiT is a one day conference that set out to inspire people to want to take up technology (as a career or hobby). The conference was designed to provide less-techy people with a window into the varying careers and skills you could find in this industry; along with providing visibility for underrepresented groups in the technology industry…

This article was featured in Smashing Magazine on the 14th January 2019. You can find more content like this on Medium through Smashing Magazine & on the Smashing Magazine website.

The world wide web is an interesting place.

As the internet has grown and become more common place, it has become a gigantic instrument of change in terms of the way in which we interact with the world and each other.

Like many people, my intro to web development at school was kind of bleak. Our school ICT (Information Computing Technology) lessons taught us very little, using Dreamweaver (back when it was a Macromedia product) as a platform…

Accessibility of the world wide web hasn’t always been a number one priority for web developers (much to detriment of internet users). Whilst very few people set out to design a website that is inaccessible, many studies have documented partially or completely inaccessible websites [1].

There are many reasons why this is the reality, here are just a few:

Can you believe that it is nearly October already?! I know we’d all love time to slow down but I’m pretty hyped for October & here’s why…


What is Hacktoberfest? It is a month-long celebration of open source software. People are encouraged to submit five pull requests to GitHub-hosted repositories between the 1st and 31st of October. You can find out more about Hacktoberfest here. It’s now in it’s fifth year — which is amazing!

Ok, why would I want to take part? Well, you get a snazzy t-shirt if you complete all five pull requests in the Hacktoberfest period…

Just over a week ago I rolled out the camping gear to join friends & colleagues at a Tech Festival in the gorgeous setting of Eastnor Castle in the UK. This festival is called Electromagnetic Field (EMF) and it runs every two years, much to the delight of many tech communities across the world.

What is EMF?

The most concise way I can describe EMF is a jam packed weekend of everything and anything — robotics, blacksmithing, coding lessons, laser-harp playing — the diversity of things that happen there is incredible. Over the weekend there are workshops, talks, performances, racing and robot battles…

This is my first week at Samsung; I’ve done my induction, been shown the fire exits and been given a desk — it’s official! I’m joining the Samsung Internet Web Developer Advocacy team for a six month internship and cannot wait to get started in my first “tech” industry role. 💻

First let me tell you a little bit about how I ended up here…

In 2015 I started a PhD in Computer Science at The University of Nottingham. …

Got a merge conflict & now you’re in Vim? Don’t panic, here’s what that means & what you can do to resolve it.

Learning how to use version control can be hella frustrating; especially if you do not work in a role that requires you to use a version control system (VCS) like Git on a daily basis.

In this blog post I am going to show you how to solve a merge conflict.

First we will look at what a merge conflict is and why they occur. Then we will cover three ways to resolve them using the Web…

For me 2017 has been a jam-packed year; here’s a look back at a few of the things I’ve been up to and the awesome people who’ve been part of my 2017!

Firstly I’ve been here there and everywhere as a GitHub Campus Expert 🚩, from DurHack in Jan to 24 Pull Requests with codebar in Dec, I’ve been talking, demo-ing, workshopping and mentoring all over and it’s been so much fun ✨.

Shout out to all the Campus Experts and Joe Nash for the community feels!!! 💖

A few of us at Major League Hacking HackConEU in Birmingham, UK this summer.

In terms of research my year has been equally packed with another…

Amy Dickens

Developer Advocate Intern - Samsung Internet, Researcher - Mixed Reality Lab ✨

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