RedStone raises $7M Seed round, from Lemniscap, Blockchain Capital, Coinbase Ventures, Arweave and more!

Infrastructure made by Web3 Builders for Web3 Builders

  1. RedStone Oracles — Deliver price data feeds covering long tail tokens, Forex, commodities and much more, in a truly scalable and cross-chain manner. The novel product design ensures resistance to network congestion and enables the delivery of data to projects every few seconds. Moreover, projects can integrate RedStone Oracles once and use it on any L1 or L2 chain they would like to expand to, thanks to our storageless architecture (data is transferred with meta transactions which bypasses expensive EVM-storage).
  2. Warp Contracts — A modular Smart Contract platform on top of the Arweave storage chain delivering unparalleled computation efficiency by decoupling storage from computation. Warp Contracts optimize throughput by the implementation of Decentralised Execution Networks (DEN) that focus on specific applications, i.e. DEN for gaming, DEN for DeFi, DEN for NFT marketplace, etc. The list of developer tools provided by Warp as well as example use cases can be found here.
As of August 2022, RedStone offers over 1,000 assets with over 4 Million data points

Unlocking the true potential of Web3

The beginnings

The future

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