3 Things Your Client Service Executive Needs To Learn Today

Jan 17, 2018 · 3 min read

In today’s growing business world the need for client service officers has greatly increased.

The term client service officer is one which can be described as relatively new, it is not. It really is just customer service with muscles. It is customer service modified and improved. It’s customer service on steroids. It’s being a customer service provider and a project manager all at once. It is a blend of soft skills and professionalism which entails bridging the gap; and ultimately connecting your brand (company) with the clients. This puts you in the position of a brand ambassador on both sides. The job is to make sure information is passed around clearly, services are up to par, delivered on time leaving everyone happy and satisfied.

Now that we have the definition of a client service officer out of the way,, I would like to address the question that makes up the whole concept of client service. How? How does one carry out the daunting task of making sure the service providers and the clients stay happy?

To keep it simple and straightforward, I would be sharing three ways you can be an awesome client service officer.

  1. Outline what needs to be done.

As a client service officer it is important to know a little about everything, especially project management. For the project to go smoothly, it is your duty to identify the different stages of the project to effectively manage what happens at each stage. Now I’m sure this sounds scary to most of us but here’s how to make it easier.

Simply Outline everything that needs to be done and break them down into tasks!. Take each stage one by one and outline what would be needed to achieve each one of them. You might not be able to do this alone so deploy the help of your team. This doesn’t only help you it helps the team to create a system over time and a clearer picture of the end objective. This gives you a full grasp on who to contact for what.

2. Do what you said you would do.

This is a place a lot of new client service officers stumble. Do what you said you would do. It is important you know that this position requires leadership skills. The ability to influence people and achieve desired outcome. To do this, you must lead by example. People don’t just want to be bossed around, they want to know that you do what you are supposed to do when you are supposed to do it and easily they will follow suit. Being able to lead with integrity makes it easier to confront those who slack on the job. It is important to know that the team wants to know that you are all working together as opposed to a selected few doing the work while one person takes all the glory. If you have been assigned certain duties make sure you carry them out diligently. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty! Do what it is you said you would do.

3. Develop Critical thinking skills, Be Proactive.

As a client service officer, it’s important that you develop critical thinking skills. The ability to see ahead, look through processes and pick out loopholes. This skill would make it a lot easier to identify impending problems, proffer solution and ultimately avoid them. Now it is important to note the critical thinking can birth a critical spirit and we must be careful so we don’t end up as leaders who just grade others or point out other peoples flaws. We should instead be leaders who identify problems and help people solve them as opposed to just giving grades. As critical thinkers we should be able to constructively criticize processes and gracefully fix them with the help of others. Never alienate your team in the name of critical thinking rather, show them how you can all be better together and be ready to help!

So there you have it, a few points and basics things to note concerning client service.

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