7 Most Catchy Jingles From Recent Nigerian Adverts

We’re all guilty of singing that song from that advert we swore we didn’t like. We are not sure if it’s the catchy tune or the simplicity of the lyrics, but it ends up being an earworm tune that embeds itself in our brain on repeat, whether we invited it or not.

In the world of branding and advertising, success is defined by impact. It’s hard to make a lasting impression on a consumer within a 30-second time slot, but if you can hook them with a jingle that they’ll sing for the rest of the day, then you’re maximizing your ad buy exponentially.

The power of a jingle is that you will recall a phone number or slogan, even years after the last time you heard it. Most times the names of the brands are not mentioned in the songs but we find ourselves picturing the brands in our heads dues to consistent and repetitious use of the song across different platforms.

In this day and age where it has become very easy to record and release songs thanks to social media; it is hard for a song to stand out let alone go viral. The song must possess a certain form of uniqueness that has not been seen and this is sincerely a hard fit to achieve well except you’re Michael Dappah or Small doctor that is.

Here’s a list of brands who have been able to successfully use music to engage their audience and keep their songs on their lips long after the campaign was over. They are in no particular order.

Make the future (shell):

In a bid to draw the consciousness of Nigerians on the future of energy and motivating them to come up with creative ideas to provide energy, Shell released a song in form of an ad featuring six award winning international celebrities and six start-ups to pledge their worldwide support of more and cleaner energy. The video of the song was colourful, the tune catchy and the lyrics, easy to learn.

Airtel (till the hears your voice):

Airtel Nigeria, a proud sponsor of THe Voice Nigeria, season 1&2 released the song ‘By Your Side’ featuring The Trybe and 7 notable contestants of The Voice Nigeria season, to show their commitment to always being there for the Nigerian Youth.. The song had a great melody and amazing lyrics that speaks to every Nigerian on a journey to discovering themselves.

GTB 737

If you don’t know this ad, you’re probably living under a rock. It was everywhere! Above, through and below the line. Guarantee Trust Bank, having provided an easy way to enjoy banking, created the 737 campaign to help Nigerians understand it… and we did. Because it’s easier to remember when it’s in form of music, they released a song produced by Cobalms Asuquo for the campaign. The song, it’s video contained every element of a great song; colorful scenes, groovy beats and an unforgettable melody, the video of 737 theme song was a hit. Now Nigerians know they can bank anywhere, anytime.

MTN Pulsing p

If there’s one reason we love MTN, it’s because they always deliver on their adverts. From “O Jerry”, to “Mama na Boy” to “Oga fishi cost”, MTN adverts have been a hit back to back. They made us believe that they could deliver on their promises. Then they switched it up a little and introduced music to their adverts, and we love them even more. They came with “Yellow Christmas” and got us dancing. On the NCC matter, they released the song, “I don Port” with Hafis Ayetoro A.K.A Saka who thrilled us with his unique humor. To launch their pulse campaign, they released the song “Pulsing P” featuring Praiz, Wizkid, Kcee, Iyanya and this song blew up. The clever use of stars, groovy beat and simple lyrics gave the song the surge it needed to trend on social media.

Peak Milk Mama Oyoyo

To celebrate mothers and their efforts in our journey of becoming, Peak Milk released a song titled Mama Oyoyo. The song was a collaboration amongst Nigerian top artistes declaring their love and appreciation for their mothers and their contribution to their growth in their various capacities. We particularly love the rhythm of the song and the personal touches each artist brought to the song making it heartfelt and warm. It’s one of those songs that would get you bumping your head, throw a little ‘shakiti bobo’ in the mix and then call your mother right after.


‘Oyoyoyoyoyo awa milk!’’ There’s almost no Nigerian that will feign ignorance when it comes to this particular jingle. The song was released to celebrate Cowbell’s ‘COWBELOCRACY’; milk of the people, for the people and by the people. This jingle got everyone moving their heads, hands, feet and every other moveables; even dance groups had this in their mix tracks. We absolutely loved this jingle.

Hennessy artistry

Hennessy Artistry is a yearly music concert that features different artists across different genres of music. To launch the concert in 2012, they released a song featuring MI and Naeto C titled Bartender. The song was a hit and got people memorizing the lyrics faster than you can say Jack Robinson.

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