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How to Unleash Clicks, Cash & Conversions with Drool-Worthy Pet Website Copy

3 Enlightening Pointers for Ridiculously Effective Content & Conversions

Shazi Irshad Syed
Jul 18, 2019 · 6 min read
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Are the readers of your everything-about-dogs website using your copy as a substitute for high-strength sleeping pills?


Is the content of your cat care blog so dry your visitors are scrambling to order Nivea creams in bulk? And that too of the 48 Hour Moisture For Dry to Very Dry Skin variety.

Double ouch!

Here’s what you need to know: Your readers will love you more than their first-born; they’ll worship you to the ends of this planet.

They will joyfully queue up outside your virtual door to order your products, and click at all the right places….but ONLY if you let them.

That’s right, folks. You are the person who is boring your readers with copy that is just so dull, it plain sucks!

Sorry, but it is what it is.

You need to stimulate your readers with punchy ideas.

Reinvigorate them with fresh slants on old or outdated information.

Grab eyeballs, lock lips and make toe-curling love to them like there is no tomorrow!

An Insightful Example to Make Your Copy Deliciously Warm, Engaging & Helpful

Scroll to the next part for a comprehensive, in-your-face kind of an example that will help you smash your boring content into smithereens, and write irresistibly juicy one instead that sucker-punches your readers…but in a damn good way!

How Leila & Baxter Destroyed & Conquered Ugly, Itchy Pet Dandruff with The Right Shampoo

Leila’s dog — Baxter — has an extreme case of pet dandruff. His itching and scratching have worsened so much, the poor pooch might scratch his furry little body into oblivion!

Leila, in desperation, turns to Google one night to order a dandruff shampoo, that her best friend has assured her works like gangbusters on doggy dandruff.

After some initial searches, Leila settles down on two pet care websites that are offering that very same bottle of pet anti-dandruff shampoo, but at different prices.

Plus, they have a wealth of information about dog dandruff too…but the language differs…

Website #1 — The Douchebags

The first website is offering a 10% instant discount if she orders the shampoo right now.

Here is a part of that fictional (hopefully) website’s content:

Dandruff is generally a secondary condition that has a number of different causes, like allergies, serious skin problems, or certain genetic disorders, to name a few.

Dog dandruff, or seborrhea, could be a primary cause or a secondary cause. If it is a primary cause, then know that it is rare and genetic in nature. Secondary seborrhea is characterized by certain categories of endocrine disorders, allergies, internal or external parasites, and yeast infections.

Dietary abnormalities, weather extremities, humidity and obesity in pets could also play a contributing factor.

There are Amazon affiliate links to a few anti-dandruff dog shampoos at the bottom of this large-worded medical-jargon loaded mess of a description.

Website #2 — The Nice (Smart) Guys

Now, the second website says something like this:

Is your precious Poodle shedding ugly, white flakes all over your expensive leather couch?

Has your Rottweiler’s fur started stinking so much you’re thinking of permanently keeping him in a bathtub?

Pet dandruff is a huge, messy, stinky, painful problem. If you have ever had an itch or an allergy of any kind, you can definitely empathize with your pooch who has an itch that just doesn’t go away.

In fact, it’s making the poor thing so agitated, his fur shows flakey patches due to hair loss from constant scratching, and a severe case of scaly dandruff.

Thankfully, doggy dandruff can be cured easily.

And here, they put up Amazon affiliate links to best-selling dandruff shampoos for dogs, followed by more details about the what, why and how-to of pet dandruff.

The list of links includes the one Leila wants.

….But it is a small bottle.

….With zero discounts.

Now, the question remains…

And what did Leila do?

Leila bought the shampoo from the second website without batting an eyelid. The small one. At full rate.

Here’s the secret sauce behind her reasoning:

Those smart guys understand her pet’s pain. They understand her. They didn’t throw medical terminology in her face that hit her so hard, she was still reeling from it 2 hours later.

They totally “get” her — their potential customer.

In fact, after making the good folks at the second website a commission at Amazon, Leila also subscribed to their offer of a FREE Guide:

Wouldn’t you want to grab that free guide for your adorable chihuahua who is allergic to all things gluten?

Me too. With definite joy.

3 Enlightening Takeaways That’ll Elevate Your Pet Business Copy to Crazy-Effective

  1. Empathize with your readers.

Get inside their heads. Help them. Give them TONS of value!

But be clear. Be concise. Be compelling.

Because why have any words on any part of your Guinea Pig Pet Care website or Birds-As-Pets blog, if they don’t connect and convert? Think about it.

And for best results, try sleeping with your pet website readers. They’ll be immensely grateful for it. Trust me.

2. Be insanely sexy; not a big-worded pompous buffoon.

Save the unreasonably complicated, large words for your next Scrabble game.

Pet parents are busy. And tired. They had a long day at work. Their pet is sick. Maybe their toddler is sick too?

Just give them the information they want as beautifully packaged as possible.

Make the boring stuff super, duper sexy. But also, make it so easy to follow, that even their cuddly hamster should nod his head in understanding.

3. And, please, for the love of all things cute and furry, offer an email bribe!


Even if your ‘Pet Universe’ website has just one article about pet reptile health (What Do Bearded Dragons Eat?), 1 long-form blog post (11 Ways of Making Sure Your Cat is Delirious-ly Happy), and two short ones (Help! My Hamster Has Stopped Eating! and 7 Ingenious, Easy & Fun Parrot Tricks), you still need a drool-worthy, give-it-to-me-baby email incentive to permanently hook in your readers.

A few examples here to bring home the point:

Say, you’re selling pet furniture. A short report on:

would be highly valuable to anyone hunting for a rustic cat tree, a wooden parrot house, or a vintage dog crate.

What if you’re a proud new Papa of a bearded dragon? You bought a glass terrarium because the pet shop guy told you to.

But exactly what do you put in it? And what all do you feed it?

I will happily part my with my best email for this eBook:

Your Path to Content Nirvana for Your Pet Business Blog

Want me to create mouth-watering, juicy-hot pet website copy for you that doesn’t sound arrogantly snobbish, or makes your readers want to jab their eyes with a rusted fork? Awesome!

Hit me up at right away, and we can work on a profitable plan of action for your business.

I am friendly too…but only after a cuppa tea with some coffee tossed in. ;)

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