The cosy new nook of Edinburgh’s eateries, ‘Home’

2 weeks in and the new restaurant from a new found partnership between Social Bite’s Josh Littlejohn and the family run Edinburgh favourite, Maison Bleue, is in full swing.

Already a delectable favourite for business lunches and friendly catchups, this Scottish/French inspired restaurant is offering up a great menu.

Finally on their sixth day, we had the chance to stop by and try out a few tantalising options from their very nice and traditionally presented menu. The staff are a great asset along with the amazing ‘Highland Retreat’ style decor (far flung from the ‘Wannaburger’ era). Cheerful and attentive, you’re looked after by a hard working crew.

On the serve, first comes an appetising serving of bread and an oil/vinegar mix, traditional style. Along with our choice of beer, a notable choice that Josh Littlejohn himself has linked up with the cities major craft brewer, BrewDog, with and as always aids the bettering of humanity with every purchase. Brewgooder is a nice little schooner sized refreshing beer, light yet slightly hoppy.

On from our grand welcome, our lunch order of the ‘soup of the day’ which was cauliflower and blue cheese, along with beer battered haggis balls was brought over. The soup was good as expected, blue cheese really puts the zing in a nice creamy soup, especially from a french style chef. The haggis balls were so good too, they were battered but with an impossibly thin piece of batter which was ideal. The haggis within was nice and as spicy as you would expect, and the accompanying ‘clapshot’ potato mash was a great partner.

All in all, when you arrive at ‘Home’ you do feel the homely vibe, a warm welcome from a new style blazing fire and the fittings to match a right Scottish cosy nook. On each table there is also the card that makes this restaurant the sister to Social bite, whether you choose to ‘pay forward’ a coffee, a lunch or a dinner for two, you can take the feeling of a warm home deep inside by covering a nice meal at this great place for another well meaning citizen of the city!

Another well done to the entrepreneurial mastery of Edinburgh city!