The Redd Circle

First and foremost, if you’re a client THANK YOU. If you’re a supporter THANK YOU. If you randomly found this post and read it, THANK YOU.

8 years ago I fired my j.o.b. and never looked back. I didn’t have all the answers with how I was going to move forward with the business but I can tell you one thing that I knew would help with the process….

CONNECTING with PEOPLE who shared common interest with this journey.

I want to keep this first post short and sweet just so I can THANK YOU for signing up to what I call the REDD CIRCLE.

I want to use this platform so we can interact and connect with each other along with everyone else signed up instead of just opening up the traditional newsletter email that’s enclosed with a BUY THIS & BUY THAT vibe.

I’ll be sharing the ups and downs we endured building Redd Pen Media along with material that has helped me grow and so forth. I’m all about SHARING INFORMATION and this is what the Redd Circle is all about.

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