How Adobe Is Giving Design A Bad Name
Allen Hsu

Unlike app design, this doesn’t work the same. There’s no one answer for all the problems you presented because all 3 of the programs you chose are used for widely different things that not every user will use. Example- the color selections.

All of them are for different purposes and 3 of them actually lead to one of the ones you’ve shown.

They can’t be combined into one as you are suspecting. Two are vector based, and one can be bother, but is usually roster based.

They are tool filled programs, it’s not a facebook application. It needs to have a bunch of things equally accessible not a handful accessible. Sketch is primarily for 1 purpose. All 3 of these programs are used for a wide variety of backgrounds.

They aren’t the leaders just because, they are the leaders because they provide some of the most powerful and flexible software imaginable.

You can’t escape the learning curve without losing functionality.

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