A high school freshman committed suicide this morning..

Why the fuck does it take death to get people to care? All I see on Facebook right now is how perfect of a girl she was and how beautiful she was. I honestly don’t know who she was or what lead her to suicide but I’m assuming it was because high school kids are fuckin assholes. I went through her Facebook profile and it was obvious that she didn’t have very much friends.. but now everyone wants to compliment her? Now everyones acting like they care? Everyone’s speaking up now that she can’t hear a single fucking word. And what pisses me off even more is that they still probably don’t give a fuck. They’re probably using it to get ‘likes’ and just trying to be part of this whole situation. It’s just fucking awful.

Posted to /r/Rant by /u/roswalien — A high school freshman committed suicide this morning..

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