Coke saved my life, or maybe just my wallet

So there I was, partying my ass off in the Dominican, where coke is cheap and the women are even cheaper. I was talking to a beautiful caramel skinned mamacita and she asked me to buy her one cerveza. Sure, can do. So not really thinking about it, I left her with my drink to guard my seat in the lounge and buy her a drink. I got back and resumed drinking and talking.
Suddenly, I felt it. That pressure behind my eyes. I had to act fast. I knew it was going to hit me and it was going to kick my ass. The bitch had slipped me a pill. With no regard to security or the law, I pulled out my blue baggie of blow and smashed it into my nose while snorting as hard as I could. I took off running, out of the bar, onto a motorbike taxi and back to my apartment. I locked the door behind me, looked out the window, saw the evil chica close behind and I laughed, because I was safe.

Posted to /r/Cocaine by /u/claudemartin — Coke saved my life, or maybe just my wallet

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