i thought she would leave me. we both cried our hearts out

however last weekend she found the note book i had recorded the journey since i started watching porn in 2007, all the shit i had written in there , how i used to masturbate 3 times a day even to the lady news anchor( i actually had specified who my favorite one was)

i have never seen her that hurt. she cried for a whole 2days and ate nothing. i felt bad because she started blaming herself and saying that i don’t trust her . i didn’t share my struggles with her despite being together for 3 years.

i thought she would leave me. we both cried our hearts out . she never left my arms, even after hurting her that much. i have never felt so bad and so useless. I could come into terms that i broke the trust.

however after the second day, we had a serious talk where i told her that i have been trying to stop, also told her about this awesome subreddit and why i stopped using a smart phone a month ago. to my suprise she told me personal stuff also which was very touching.

to cut the story short. we are much closer now, we have made love every day since then and she has become even more supportive. i feel so free because i can tell her when i have urges and stuff.

Posted to /r/nofap by /u/P-KAR — 35 days…however my wife found out and it was very heart breaking.

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