Took a shit in the women’s bathroom today

Pulled off the road because Nature was making a desperate call. I saw a burger king — haven. Ran inside. ALAS…

There’s some guy in the men’s bathroom. Figure I’ll wait it out cause I didn’t see any other gas stations or food places nearby. There was a queue of a couple guys behind me waiting to go. There’s one lady waiting for the women’s bathroom.

Pressure increases. I know I don’t have much time. The woman who was waiting gets a chance to relieve herself. At this point I knock on the men’s door — no response.

FUCK! I’ve given up hope on the guy who’s trying to shit a tree trunk. Or jerking off.

The woman leaves the bathroom, and I run in, to her surprise.

Take the best shit of my entire life. Logs upon logs upon logs. When I leave, I see there are women queued up.

I say, “cheers” and go on my way.

Didn’t give a fuck if anyone was judging me. When nature calls — you answer…or risk shitting your pants. Gender segregation means absolutely nothing.

Worth it.

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