2016: An African Odyssey

Waking up in Paradise

[Sorry for the delay in posting — we had some technical difficulties, but I’ve got the stories, so hopefully we can catch up!]

Paradise, or as the locals call it, Le Coucoue Lodge, Assinie, is quintessential Francophone West African elegance. Dark wood and wicker furniture, cushioned loungers with gauze curtains, and delectable French and Afro-French cuisine served impeccably.

Birthday Dinner

The main resort (accessible from the road) is located along a lagoon that stretches all the way back to Abidjan (a convenient alternative to driving — especially on Sundays when the traffic can be crazy). Our room was amazing (even though it was the last one available!) and conveniently located by the gorgeous pool.

A short boat ride across the lagoon and you arrive at a long powdery white sand beach that stretches in both directions, studded with palm trees to provide some much needed shade from the cloudless sky. A light breeze keeps the coconut-scented (seriously!) air moving and the palms swaying.

I know its a vacation which isn’t telling, but I couldn’t have been happier or more relaxed at this little slice of Heaven. When it was time to leave I wasn’t even sad because I just know I’ll be back — so, as they say: a la prochain (until next time!)