2016: An African Odyssey

Bienvenue a Abidjan

Ok. So, It’s been a bit of a rough landing. The only thing more painful than my French is my belly. Don’t worry, I’m fine — I’ve heard too many Peace Corps tales (Thanks for sharing, Brook, Glen) to rate this more than a 4/10. Still, I’ve kept close to the hotel eating bland American food — tuna, boiled eggs, bread.

But the truth is, it’s been a bit of a relief to have an excuse to stay in because it’s really hard to get around here without a command of French. Yes, I’ve been using French for the last few days, but in paradise, what do you really need?

A beach towel? — une serviette de bain
A cold beer? — un Flag, s’il vous plait
Grilled lobster? — Je voudrais la lagoustine grille

But then we drove back to Abidjan and I need to ask for real things

Where can I buy a SIM card?
Why doesn’t the internet work?
I am waiting for an important package!

[Notice I don’t have the translations for these]

It’s been seriously overwhelming and add in an angry belly, I haven’t left the hotel in 2 days.

But that changes now! I’ve been wanting to visit Abidjan for years and I’m not letting these little stumbling blocks get in my way. So, I blasted some Taylor Swift (don’t hate), got all dolled up and am heading out to a cocktail bar with Brook.

Abidjan, here I come!

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