2016: An African Odyssey


Trying out a new area tonight — Zone 4. Last night was alright, but too strip-mall-esque for my liking. Looking for something with more of a neighborhood feel and from what we’ve heard, Zone 4 is the place.

After looking online for a bit, we pick our place — Chez les Gaouazes — A natural restaurant serving organic, local-sourced food and wine from French abbeys. Good reviews and well, organic fare in Abidjan, our interest was definitely piqued.

Arrive at a cute but tiny restaurant with walls filled top to bottom with wine bottles. Great prices $30 for most bottles, $20 for a big fish dinner we can split, and we are settling in nicely.

Then the waitress comes over and asks if we would like a tour of the rest of the place??? Intrigued, we go for a tour. First stop, the storefront attached to the restaurant featuring crystals, candles, healing herbs, etc. Ok, so they want to care for the body and the spirit. Got it. Next stop is another reception area (not part of the restaurant). Appointment book and pamphlets highlight the spa services offered — massage, facials, chakra cleansing, etc. Ok, still playing along. A spa/restaurant wasn’t what I had expected, but I guess, again, part of the whole wellbeing focus. And actually, the prices are really reasonable and I start thinking about my future massage. So that’s it right? Not quite.

One last room — she unlocks it and…. Yes, a sex shop, featuring all you would expect, from the lacy to the battery-operated. Now, this isn’t my first rodeo and I don’t fluster easily, but this is so thoroughly unexpected I can’t do anything besides laugh like a school girl.

So if you’re looking for a restaurant- bar-pizzeria-healing center-spa-sex shop in Abidjan, I got the place for you.