A Few Words About American Healthcare — Health Insurance is Not Healthcare

With all the talk now days of replacing the ACA, otherwise known as “Obamacare”, lets take a minute and speak some truth for once, MK?

First and fore most, let’s understand something right off the bat. Health insurance, is not health care. Got it? I’m serious, too many people equate if someone has health insurance, they have “health care”. So let me repeat this again, Health insurance, is not health care.

Health insurance actually “limits” the type, variety, and quality of available health care services. If there is a treatment available, but your health insurance doesn’t cover it, your health insurance just limited your health care choices. But if you can’t pay for it, oh well you’re SOL. (Shit out of luck)

For example, my wife had cancer. We had a platinum plan under the ACA, through the healthcare.gov web site. The premiums were 1,100 a month, but the only treatments for her type of cancer covered by our health insurance was radiation and chemo, even though other valid, and successful cancer treatments were available in the market. (free market as it were). So even though we were paying for one of the most expensive, and most comprehensive health insurance plans in the market, our insurance limited our health care choices and treatment options.

Sure if we had ungodly amounts of money we could have afforded to just ditch our health insurance and pay as we went along for her cancer treatment. But let’s face it, while we would all love to as wealthy as Bill Gates, most of us will never see the bottom of a 6 figure income. Simply put, we could not afford those other treatments on our own, but not only that, if we did seek to combine other valid, successful cancer treatments, that “action” would have invalidated our insurance policy.

Health insurance, even platinum plans, limit our health care choices and treatment options. Our health care system is based on costs, not on healthcare out comes. Our “system” doesn’t care if we get better (better health out comes), only that we continue to pay, what they decide (cost / service / treatment options), while we are still alive.

For over 100 years, successive presidents have tried to bring about a national healthcare system, that would cover all Americans, but have continuously failed to do so, simply because our health care system is based on the Mafia business model, pay or die. Not to mention the CEO’s of these health insurance companies have to make in an hour what many will never make in their life time.

Health insurance is not healthcare!

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