President Donald J. Trump, Man Child and Liar in Chief — War Criminal

America has totally gone off it’s rocker and elected a immature man child to be commander in chief of the world’s largest armed gang of criminals on this planet. Barely over a 100 days has past since his inauguration and his words have proven to be worthless. Just like his past predecessors, Obama, Bush I, Clinton, Bush II, the man child we now called Mr. President, has proven his words mean nothing.

No one should be surprised by the events that have unfolded as they have. Who in their “right” mind would have thought, Mr. Man Child and Liar in Chief, with tiny hands (couldn’t resist), would be such a coward and be so afraid of due process, ya know that thing, our constitution, we claim to love so dearly. I thought he was a law and order kind of guy. Nope, not even close.

Constitution, what is that? It’s just a piece of paper we like to refer too all the time, but never seem to want, or capable, to actually follow. All the rules and regulations that emanate from it, just constrains the intellectually challenged man child now occupying the imperial presidency of the US Oil Empire, called America.

Mr. Man Child and Liar in Chief has crossed the line from being an ignorant asshole, into War Criminal territory by launching 59 tomahawk missiles into Syria without due process. Without any investigation what so ever. Evidence? What’s that? Oh, we have to just “trust you”. By most international standards (read, international law), federal law, treaties made “law of the land” by our constitution, this was a blatant act of war! A clear violation of the 1973 war powers act!

Gee, show a few pictures of wounded children and the man child flies off his rocker. What about the Crimes Against Humanity that are happening right now in Yemen by Saudi Arabia with US support? Are those children not worthy of the Man Child’s attention? Hell, we’re supplying Saudi Arabia with cluster bombs that are being use in civilian population areas and inflicting heavy civilian casualties, which, is a war crime and a crime against humanity.

Sure you can hold up Obama, Bush, Clinton and Bush II and hide behind their precedents (war crimes that have not been prosecuted!), but one would have to conclude, they too are just as guilty of committing war crimes as the The Man Child and Liar in Chief clearly is proving to be.