Goat Tree Productions’ Redstart Story

By Zoe Hamilton (co-founder of Goat Tree Productions)

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The crowdfunding campaign to deliver their next documentary is up and running…55% of the target already achieved!!

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One in three women in India is sterilized. I learned this fact while working on a short documentary with my partner, Anne Munger, in 2014 in Northern India. We spent a month interviewing women about their reproductive health choices, and specifically about their decisions about sterilization. Documentary is a tricky medium: on the one hand, it allows people to speak for themselves, on the other hand the director’s voice is always present through editing and other stylistic choices. We were challenged as directors working on this morally charged subject to minimize our own feelings about the subject and really let the women’s stories lead our work. We tried to share those stories with a larger audience in order to inspire reflection on reproductive rights and population policies by hosting international screenings and discussions at universities, NGOs and film festivals.

Together Anne and I founded Goat Tree Productions to continue examining complex social issues through innovative storytelling. Utilizing both film and written journalism, we focus on social justice issues, women’s empowerment, and sharing the voices that don’t get the attention they should.

(Photo of Pushpa, from our last film, taken by Anne Munger)

In November 2016 we are returning to India to turn our short documentary from 2014 into a feature length. Through the narrative of a community of mothers in rural Maharashtra, the film reveals how India’s controversial and often coercive family planning policies affect the lives of women. This year, a new government policy seeks to shift the national conversation away from sterilization and towards a temporary injectable method. But will this policy empower the women it promises to help, or simply bolster government control over India women’s bodies?

But will this policy empower the women it promises to help, or simply bolster government control over Indian women’s bodies?

The film is an immersive, highly personal glimpse into the lives of Indian women positioned at the turbulent nexus of technology, government policy, and reproductive rights. In them we see so many other women — in India and in our own countries — who also have tenuous control over their bodies and choices.

We are about to launch a crowdfunding campaign on September 15th. With this money we can jump into production with our partner organization in India. We just need your help to get going.

Locations: NYC, London, Mumbai

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Website: www.goattreeproductions.com