Henry Stratford’s Redstart Story

By Henry Stratford

Although I am not quite there yet, I am on a social entrepreneurial journey to start my own menswear fashion brand. It all started at university, where like many people I was getting fed up of the greed and irresponsibility of so many businesses, so I decided to buy from more socially progressive brands.

Henry Stratford

However, when I came to it, something made me feel really uneasy about buying from these brands and it was particularly clothing brands. What I realised was that it was because many of these sorts of brands are marketed around being caring towards others and the products had these big emotional messages on them like ‘Love the world’. Which is all very lovely, but wasn’t really me, to go about things that way.

I then did a bit of research and realised that the main customer for most clothing social enterprises is women. Which would arguably suggest that men do not care, however, I would argue this is not necessarily the case, they just haven’t been given an appropriate way to show that they care. The same goes for many women, as although many ethical brands are doing well, why are they not at the size and scale of Ralph Lauren?

So I thought what if I could find a way people, for particularly men, to do good but in a more honourable, dignified and subtle way. What if I could find a way people could do good, without having to be a do-gooder. That is what has kick-started my motivation to create meaningful and scalable change.

Location: UK

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