Malaika’s Redstart Story

By Malaika Ibreck

Title: Don’t just handle the Truth: Wear the Tooth

Today, I made a necklace from my, and one of my sister’s teeth. That sounds scarier than it is!

Necklace of Teeth, by Malaika Ibreck

My sister is seven and her milk tooth fell out of its own accord. When I was a teenager, my orthodontist told me that my teeth were ‘too big’ for my mouth so I had to have four of them taken out. I kept the teeth, like grotesque pearls hidden in a bag, in a box, for six years until today.

I like the idea of my ‘too big’ teeth fitting around my neck because I am finally understanding that fashion is not about what size you, or your clothes are, it is about who you are. There is also something immensely satisfying about knowing every person who went into the production of my necklace:

> Me

> My little sister

> My orthodontist from six years ago — he was intelligent, bald headed and we high-fived after he took my teeth out which I thought was very cool.

For me, making bijouterie feels like a half step forwards — one small step for me, no real impact on mankind. But perhaps if all of humankind were to take a small step forward, to be aware of where our clothes and jewellery came from and how that affects the rest of the world, then there would be a difference for everyone.

Location: UK

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