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By Paula Schwarz, share their story of how reviving the arts is playing a positive role on Greek islands.

Markus Abgnel believes in the power of creating art as intercultural bonding experiences as that enables people from different backgrounds to grow relationships by overcoming barriers and finding out about each other’s personalities, backgrounds and visions for the future. By engaging in a process of co-creation, people can take significant steps towards understanding the other, appreciating their individualities and forming a common vision.

What is the StartupAid Samos Boost?

Markus Abgnel is leading the StartupAid Art Initiative between Samos and Berlin powered by the Migration Hub Network, Schwarz Foundation, the World Economic Forum and Switxboard. Throughout this project, local artists are connected with investors in the Exponential Network, that was founded by Paula Schwarz back in 2014. First pieces of art are shown in the local Migration Hub in a series of smaller exhibitions. Supporters and volunteers from around the world are welcomed in the StartupAid residency on Samos to attend the events, and create pieces that are inspired by the experiences they gather at this meeting point between Europe and Asia.

Paula Schwarz & Markus Abgnel,

What’s the goal?

The aim of the initiative is to bring innovative thinking to the meeting spot between Europe and Asia and to develop new ideas together with locals and newcomers at a central turning location of the phenomenon of mass migration in the region.

Markus Abgnel created the initial concept the project out of his experience in the refugee camp on Mitilini, today he is involved as Artistic Director of StartupAid.

How you can participate?

StartupAid provides accommodation for artists, volunteers and other change makers who want to visit Samos and spend time to create in the local Migration Hub. The pilot project will begin in September 2016, results will be published in partnership with international media. Visitors on site are welcome to make use of the database of StartupAid, which currently contains 3.500 initiatives working around mass migration worldwide.

Locations: Greece, Germany

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Paula has received these awards recently:

Forbes 30 Under 30
Co-Curator of the refugee taskforce of the World Economic Forum
Social Impact Award Winner Ashoka