Yossi Fisher’s Redstart Story

By Yossi Fisher

Title: Fast Fashion Ethics??

Image: Dirty Gritty, GlassBook, Yossi Fisher

I think the hardest thing the fashion industry faces is being so used to having it done a certain way. The market is priced out accordingly, and with so many people and companies vying for a competitive voice, people often lose sight of what’s important. Fast fashion has destroyed the way people view value, and with so many companies trying to keep up with demand, they unfortunately tend to sacrifice ethics for cheap pricing and fast turnaround.

One thing always to keep in mind, is that in any industry we don’t just sell or offer products, we provide an emotional experience to our consumers. In the global rat race of millennials trying to be millionaires, and older generations trying to keep theirs, ethics are sometimes ignored when it comes down to larger profit margins.

I believe that when a company poses the simple question of “who are we?” not “what are we?”, perspectives shift, and new R&D (research and development) avenues become inspired. The bottom line is that we should always learn from the inventors of our past, but it is our responsibility as a united global society to be the innovators of our future.

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