2016–12–06: yodaka — Betrayal and Reincarnation (small review)

I’m feeling like almost giving this album a perfect score. Post-rock is pretty much dead in 2016 right? MONO’s new album Requiem For Hell was utterly disappointing. Sigur Ros and Godspeed You! Black Emperor are still doing alright sure, but there isn't anything revolutionary coming out. However this album got something really interesting that actually works in favor of the album. It got some influences from noise music, especially on the tracks baobab and blackbird I felt like they were influenced by some of the works by merzbow. I was a bit skeptical to it at first but together with Kashiwa Daisuke’s electronics, mixing and jazz influences it all comes together in a great package!

Alternating between dark and tranquil ambient parts like Sigur Ros and heavy crescendos like MONO and Godspeed You! Black Emperor this is definitely the most interesting post-rock in the last years.

The only thing I wished for this album to have is more of the noise influences, more industrial and mechanical sounds. But maybe such an album would’ve just been not as great in its entirety.


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