Redwood City’s Book Project Seeks To Celebrate Redwood City’s 150th Anniversary Through Art

Contribute your own paper art to celebrate Redwood City’s 150th Anniversary!

The Redwood City Parks & Arts Foundation has teamed up with Fung Collaboratives to bring you two art workshops where you can unleash your creativity and contribute to Redwood City’s Sesquicentennial Book project!

Join us to learn more about the art of photographic processing and paper making! From molding to designing, these two fun workshops will cover the basics of creating your own unique artistic paper. Participants will get hands-on practice as well as the necessary materials to craft their artwork. No art experience is needed — just bring your creativity with you!

Once you’ve made your masterpiece, feel free to donate part of your work to celebrate Redwood City’s Sesquicentennial year!

Both workshops are free and open to the public. All ages are welcome, but children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult during the workshop.

Workshop 1: Cyanotype with Erin Ashford

Workshop dates include: July 13, July 14, July 28, August 7, August 10

Experience the making of Cyanotypes, one of the oldest photographic processes! Cyanotypes only require treated papers, objects of choice, sun light, and water. After a brief overview and demonstration, participants will receive three different sheets of treated paper, gloves, and sample objects to create their own work of art. At the end, donate one of your cyanotypes to use in the Book Project, a new artwork to celebrate Redwood City’s Sesquicentennial year!

For more information, go here.

Workshop 2: Paper Making with Jamila Rufaro

Workshop dates include: July 11, July 17, August 9, August 11, August 18, August 24

Get your hands wet in this fun and informative workshop! Participants will learn the fundamentals of making sheets of paper from cotton fibers and recycled materials. Then, you’ll get the chance to design your own sheet by threading various inclusions like flowers! Paper making requires lots of water so wear clothes you don’t mind getting wet. Papers that are left behind will be collected and donated to the Book Project.

For more information, go here.

To view times and locations and sign up, click here!

For information about Redwood City’s many public art programs, visit here.

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