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Rapid growth in electrification is driving a seismic shift in how the automotive industry builds cars. But an even more fundamental change is taking place thanks to e-mobility, writes Daniel Barel, Co-Founder, and CEO of electric vehicle platform maker REE.

When Henry Ford started building cars, his factory-made all components. From the four-cylinder engine to its vanadium alloy steel, production took place under one roof because there was no alternative. …

It’s all about selecting the best e-van
Commercial vehicles play a key role in our economy. And in the coming years, electrification of these vehicles will rapidly accelerate as auto manufacturers are required to meet stringent emission regulation legislation.

For operators facing the decision of which commercial e-vehicle to purchase, it’s crucial to choose a fleet that delivers optimal performance and reliability and also lowest operational costs.

REE’s unique value proposition
REE’s breakthrough next-generation EV platform empowers fleet operators and businesses to select the optimal e-van for their needs based on their exact specifications, and at the same time significantly reduce…

The automotive industry is changing faster than ever done before. Major OEMs are investing enormous amounts of money in electric vehicles and many new, non-traditional players are emerging. The exponential growth in e-commerce is just the beginning of a major shift in shopping and service habits that are transcending into a new approach: ‘mobility as a service’ (Maas). …


The Wheel Reinvented. #chassis #automobile #engine

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