FBI Director James Comey’s letter about Hillary Clinton’s emails was bewildering, short on facts …
John Podesta


Pathetic, desperate, dishonest, against the rule of law, hypocrite of the highest order (damn someone for fundraising and then end your rant with a link to donate to the campaign — are you just stupid?), criminal.

There was one very obvious way for have avoided ALL of this: tell the truth the first time. It’s obvious that this would have all been swept under the rug had Hillary and her minions (like you) had been able to maintain even a trace of cooperation or honesty. Unfortunately, the Clinton criminal cabal seems literally unable to be honest with law enforcement, Americans or even their own supporters. This is 100% your baby. And lucky for us, the way you chose to deal with it only exposes what you and the rest of you really are: Anti-American, anti-law, and liars in the most extreme sense of the word.

You and I and everyone else in the world know that your Queen made this bed and now she’s lying in it.

You are an absolute scum of a human being, and that’s being generous.

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