Learn Local: Pledged Delegate Carri New

This article contains information about the delegate, an interview with the delegate, and fundraising information.

The Delegate

Carri New is a pledged delegate for Senator Bernie Sanders. She is representing Kansas Congressional District 4.

The Democratic National Convention will be held July 25th-28th in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. At the DNC, 23 elected delegates from Kansas will represent Sanders and 10 elected delegates will represent Clinton.

Carri New (left) with Sarah Volkman (right)

The Interview with Carri New

How did you first get involved with Sen. Sanders campaign?

I’ve been a Bernie fan for years. When he announced he was running, I got super excited. I was actually introduced to a super PAC that was supporting Bernie and I did my first meeting on their behalf. They didn’t seem to have much of a game plan so I called the campaign office in August of last year. They had the Iowa field director call me and I started the phone bank a couple of weeks later. It kind of took on a life of its own after that 

Which of Sanders policies are most important to you?

Medicare for all. I have pre-existing conditions so repealing the ACA is not an option. I have friends who get medical care in Europe and our current system is archaic. Free college tuition also matters. I have a 22 year old who needs to attend college but won’t because of the cost. Actually, if you look at Bernie’s policies, all of them align with my beliefs.

 This will be your first time attending a Democratic National Convention. What are you most looking forward to? Are there any aspects you are apprehensive about?

I’m looking forward to voting for Bernie. I’m looking forward to learning and meeting people. I’m concerned about the protests. Not because of the protests themselves….but it could be difficult maneuvering through crowds to get where I need to be.

What will be the long term impact of Sen. Sanders’ campaign on the American political process?

I hope the Democrats return to a more progressive platform. We’ve been pulled to the right since the Reagan era and we seem to have forgotten what we stand for.

Many people in Kansas are not satisfied with the current leadership, but are also apathetic about getting involved with local politics. How would you encourage people like these to get involved?

I keep explaining that local politics affect each of us daily. Local politics are far more important than federal. Also, working to change institutions from the outside rarely works. You have to be a member, then force change from within.

So, I heard you like gardening. What plants are you growing this year?

I’m growing for commercial production this year. I have 100 tomato plants and about 30 peppers. I also have apple, peach, pear and cherry trees. Blackberries and raspberries. And flower beds. I could spend 24 hours a day pulling weeds and still not get it all done.

The Trip

If you would like to support Carri as she travels to Philadelphia, her fundraising page is here.