Is Stoner-Crossfit the Future of Exercise?

DISCLAIMER: This is no way intended to advocate for the manufacture, importation, distribution or use of marijuana for recreational use. The content here is designed to be used in the context of a scenario planning exercise to generate innovative and creative dialogue.

Marijuana is banned in just about every professional sport. Yet marijuana is fast becoming more and more legal in State after State. Add to the mix, some professional athletes are testing positive for THC like Olympic snowboarder Ross Rebagliati. In 1998 at the Japan Games, Rebagliati tested positive for THC but unfortunately it was not on the banned substance list so he was able to keep his medal. Now the effects of marijuana use and its effect on performance are being called into question.

Clifford Drusinsky is an elite triathlete and a gym owner in Colorado, a state where marijuana is legal for recreational use. He leads his training sessions by consuming marijuana infused edibles. In an interview with Men’s Journal, Dusinsky admitted “marijuana relaxes me and allows me to go into a controlled, meditational place. When I get high, I train smarter and focus on form.”Apparently marijuana’s capacity to decrease anxiety is affording athletes the ability to concentrate and focus better on training. (For more information see the following link: )

However according to smoking marijuana disrupts the area of the brain that handles coordination, motor skills, reaction time and balance. All major attributes necessary for successful athletes. Marijuana also is known to increase blood pressure and heart rate. Aside from this increased risk of a heart attack, marijuana use makes it tougher for your blood to carry oxygen to muscles and vital organs. This would undoubtedly decrease performance and endurance. (To find out more see the following link: )

So is it good or bad? The jury is still out. Frankly there is not a lot of research that has been conducted into the topic. Most research comes from what people are saying from interviews and blogs. Little empirical evidence or scientific studies exist. As marijuana increases in legalization and more and more people begin to use the variety of products, athletes will begin to weigh in more.
The marijuana industry still struggles with regulation and disclaimers especially in regards to THC level disclosure and labeling. Although a group of students have come up with an idea for the industry to attempt self-regulation thru the use of a mere App. For more information check out their article: HTTPS://

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