The next thing: Weed Wax

DISCLAIMER: This is no way intended to advocate for the manufacture, importation, distribution or use of marijuana for recreational use. The content here is designed to be used in the context of a scenario planning exercise to generate innovative and creative dialogue.

With the marijuana market growing and growing products continue to fill the shelves with new and never dreamed before products like THC infused wax. It is commonly known on the street as 420, butter, honey, honeycomb and shatter, just to name a few. This potent new form of THC delivery is all the rage.Colorado marijuana shops can’t stock the shelves quick enough and potheads can’t get enough. To work, the wax must be vaporized which makes it a great alternative to smoking. Its is even being sold as the healthier alternative! Perfect strategy for marketing to the e-cigarette community. Resembling lip balm the wax is made utilizing butane gas which is highly flammable. Recipes and how-to- videos are filling websites such as YouTube making it virtually accessible to anyone with an internet connection. The result? Police are reporting an increase in residential fires and explosions from street chemists attempting to concoct the product themselves. Some jurisdictions have reported fatalities.

But what these street chemists aren’t telling us are the dangers. New York State Trooper Jack Keller says smoking marijuana infused wax has the THC equivalent of smoking 20 marijuana cigarettes. 20 marijuana cigarettes! Such high levels of potency can lead to psychological problems like hallucinations, anxiety and panic attacks.[2]Marijuana for medicinal use is supposed to help with health ailments not create them. The fear really comes from accidental overdose. Such fast hits with such high THC levels will cause an overdose much more easily.

To compound the problem these products are not properly labeled. Where are the labeling requirements? A person can smoke this marijuana wax and never know how much THC they are consuming. But from an industry standpoint, the real problem is the people selling this stuff are completely unregulated. There is no prospect of regulation on the horizon. That’s why it is up to us.
A group of students have come up with an idea for the industry to attempt self-regulation thru the use of a mere App. For more information check out their article: HTTPS://

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