10 Reasons Why I Love My Best Friend

Some people have many, others have one or two, some may have no best friend at all. I belong to those lucky people who do have a best friend and I wouldn’t know what to do without her. But before I start rambling about why I love my best friend, I need to make it clear that I love all my other friends just as much and I wouldn’t want to do without any of them. But still, one’s best friend will always be someone really special!

“There are people in life that make you laugh a little louder, smile a little bigger, and live just a little better.“

Now here’s why I love my best friend so much:

1. She doesn’t mind how I look. I’m not one of these girly girls who want to look her absolute best every day. I do like to dress up sometimes and I love for myself to look sleek and elegant, but more often I just feel like going out without makeup, in my old hippie trousers and with my hair in an unintentionally messy bun.

2. She laughs at my jokes even when there’s no punch line. In case you’ve read my old fun facts post you might know that I tend to tell jokes without a punch line. I mean, I genuinely believe that there is one, but at the point where I expect people to laugh and no one but my best friend does, I know I’ve missed the punch line again…

3. We can be silent together without it being weird. I’m sure everyone has encountered those situations in which you’re hanging out with someone and suddenly there’s this moment when neither of you is talking. Sometimes it’s okay, but in most cases, chances are that both of you find this slightly awkward. However, with my best friend, I can be silent throughout the most part of an 11 hour drive to Italy without there being any kind of weirdness and that can be so relaxing at times!

4. We can talk to each other simultaneously. Thinking about this really makes me laugh… It might sound quite impossible to most of you, but me and my best friend can in fact tell each other a story simultaneously without missing out on the other’s story! Sometimes we don’t even realise that we’re doing it until some other friend around us gets totally confused. I guess it happens because we’ve got so much to tell each other.

5. We’re stupid together. My boyfriend once gave me a picture of the two of us in which we’re laughing like crazy while sticking out our tongues (well at least I am…) and he added the following quote: “Love is being stupid together.” That’s just so true for me and my bestie as well, we can do all crazy things together and I really love her for that!

6. She’ll always help me out. No matter what kind of a problem I have, my best friend will always be there and give me whatever I need, be it a few cents for a train tickets, an old emergency laptop or simply some love. Whatever it is I need.

7. We can also be serious together. We really can! At first, I couldn’t believe it myself, but even though we like to do a lot of really crazy stuff and have fun basically all the time, we can be serious if need be. For example, we’ve spend a few days together in our holiday home shortly before our final high school exams and we actually studied quite a lot together! It even motivated us to be studying together and we were able to explain things to each other (or mostly she explained things to me, unless it was English).

8. She’s the best driver I know. I’d say most of my friends and family are good drivers, but I’m still someone who gets uncomfortable if I’m in a car driven by someone I don’t trust or who’s got a sloppy driving style. You never know what might happen, but with my best friend driving, I feel save no matter how tiny and curvy the road…

9. Sometimes she knows me better than I do myself. Especially when it comes to choosing partners. As you might have read here, I tend to choose really weird partners and my best friend’s always the first one to realise that it might just not be a great match. Turns out she was always right because she thinks my new boyfriend is perfect (by new I mean 3.5 years), I’ve never had a single argument or any kind of problem with him so far and I love him very much!

10. She loves me unconditionally. This actually sounds a little too biblical for my taste, but it’s true! It’s okay if I don’t text her back in a few days. It’s okay if for some reason I don’t have time for her. It would even be okay if I couldn’t go to her birthday party (but that has and will probably never happen). She’ll still love me.

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