Is anyone else completely overwhelmed?
Luke Leighfield

I can totally relate with your feeling of being overwhelmed. I started a blog a few months ago and I’m doing quite well I guess, but getting my content read requires a strong presence in as many social media outlets as possible.

So when I started the blog, I signed up on each and every online platform that could potentially be useful and felt overwhelmed instantly. What I did was to focus on understanding just one of them for a certain period of time until I reached a stable following. Now that I have a few hundred followers everywhere, I’m starting to analyse which platforms are of any use and which are not. I love Medium, for example, because it is full of really interesting and unique stuff (not like the same old beauty blog post in many other places), it’s also driven a few readers to my blog and I met some lovely people over here. However, I realised that Tumblr doesn’t get me anywhere, so I don’t update and check that account anymore.

One more thing I find helpful is accepting that you can’t take it all in. It’s impossible. You cannot read every interesting blog post you find in the world wide web, you cannot actively look at every newsletter you receive. Also it’s impossible to answer each and every tweet within two minutes. I had to accept that I miss stuff. I often found myself skimming blog posts that seemed interesting just for the sake of knowing the point the writer’s making. But I stopped that. Now, I carefully choose what I want to read, and then I read that properly. Of course, that way I miss some stuff, but at least I can take something out of the stuff I do take the time to read. Because I read it properly, and because I still know what that post said a few days later.