Show Me Your Face

Or: Why makeup is my least favourite human invention.

When I go to work, I wear a minimal layer of mascara on my eyelashes, the tiniest possible eyelid line and nothing but that. I’d never voluntarily mask my face with concealer, rouge, eyeshadow and the like.

I simply see no point in it. In my eyes, makeup makes people look older, stressed out (thus trying to hide the traces of their stressful life) and often unlikeable.

Why would women (and teenage girls) cover up every trace of life in their face and then repaint it with a layer of rouge? What sense does it make to put on a mask day after day? Why don’t they show us their real, natural and beautiful faces?

For me, wearing a thick layer of makeup in everyday life suggests that the person behind it insecure, embarrassed about something or hiding something. It suggests that the person isn’t happy with their natural appearance.

Makeup makes every girl and every woman look exactly the same – no matter their age, size or skin colour. It makes them look unreal and, often, unhappy.

Let’s not mask our unique, beautiful faces. Let’s just be ourselves.