Searching for Sappho: Why I Failed At Being A Lesbian
Tylea Simone

That post is terrific! It could’ve been written by myself, just the other way around…

When I read that stereotyped stuff about the hairy armpits and adopted babies, I have to admit I felt slightly offended (of course I realised you were exaggerating it for the sake of making your point). But I read on to points 2. & 3. and especially to the additional comment you wrote and my mind just went like “Yes! That’s it!”

If you wanted to categorise me, you’d have to put me into the bisexual box, but in the that’s closest to the lesbian box. I have a feeling that I’m kind of the reversed version of you. I like being with men, I like sleeping with them. But I never look twice when an attractive man walks by (I don’t find them particularly attractive at all), but if it’s a woman, I look at least four times and then start a long journey into the world of daydreams…

However, back in the time when I didn’t know my lesbian tendencies, I used to love lesbians the way you do. I found their lifestyles awesome, I liked how they dressed and how confident they were (diving into the stereotypes again…), but I was socialised into considering myself straight by default. I kept thinking about it, wondering what it would be like to kiss that woman, to touch her, to sleep with her. It became the obsession you mentioned above. Until I tried — and from that second on I realised that my attraction to women is just so much stronger than it is to men. So I guess the point your making really is crucial and I think it’s necessary to find out about these things.

Now I really don’t want to seem like I’m just looking for some page views, but I recently wrote an article about bi-invisibility and other bisexual issues and I thought you might find it quite interesting:

Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful post and I’ll certainly be checking out your blog!

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