The Ideal Writing Environment

First off, let me tell you that I’m a versatile writer. By that, I don’t mean that I write myself through all kinds of genres, but rather that I do my writing in all kinds of places. If you’re a fellow writer, I’m sure you would agree that the environment is crucial for the writing process. An appropriate surrounding has the power to get your creative juices flowing, whereas a bad environment might crush all your creative attempts. For me, the term ‘writing environment’ also covers features like background noise, lighting and comfort. An environment that is suitable for me must be well lit, cozy and not too noisy. Unlike some other writers, I don’t mind moderate background noise as long as it doesn’t get chaotic. So these are my three personal favourite writing environments:

#1 My Room At Home

This is my first choice writing environment and also the one I’m most used to. I’ve got a huge white desk with lovely stationery, candles and a good lamp. I’ve also got an equally comfortable and healthy chair there. My own room is my ideal place for writing because I have a lot of space and because I’m surrounded with things I like and that inspire me. Most importantly, my big desktop computer is there. When I’m writing at home, I always have relaxing background music on (this is my favourite playlist). All other potential distractions like my phone or the TV stay out of the room. This is the situation I’m most productive in. However, it isn’t always ideal for me to write there because firstly, my bed is too close and secondly, my mum doesn’t really mind a closed door. When she’s at home, she would come in every ten minutes to ask silly questions, to water my flower or for some other reason. We do get along well, but when I’m writing, she really is a distraction. Thus, in situations when I’m either too tired to not fall right into my bed or annoyed by my mum, I grab my notebook and leave, which is where options #2 and #3 come in.

#2 The Library

Having free access to student libraries is one of the biggest advantages of being a student writer. My university offers a variety of libraries, all of which are distributed nicely within the city. Most people tend to go to the central library, but I don’t like that one because it’s too big. The atmosphere of hundreds of students stuying in the same place often leaves me disillusioned and the extreme quiet among all these people drives me crazy. Therefore, I prefer going to the specialised library of either the English or the German institute. These are smaller and feel more familiar than the central library. What I also like about them is that I can go out and meet some friends whenever I need a break. The greatest advantage of writing at the library is, in my eyes, that it’s always really quiet and everyone is focussing on their work, which helps me to focus if I’m tired or don’t feel like writing at all.

#3 A Local Café

If they didn’t get too noisy sometimes, coffeehouses would be my favourite working environments. The atmosphere is friendly and cozy, a fresh cup of coffee is always within reach and the people around can be very inspirational. As long as the conversations remain moderate, I don’t mind the background noise at all. When I’m focussed, it all merges into a silent soup of voices anyway. The local café is the writing environment I turn to especially when beginning new stories. Observing fellow customers is a great inspiration for characters or even plot lines.

Before ending this post, I want to say that every writer is different. Find out what inspires you, what helps you focus and what will make you productive. Then, you can choose your ideal writing environment accordingly. From my personal experience I can say that it helps having several possible writing environments, just in case one of them gets messy or otherwise uncomfortable.

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