See HERE for survival gear you can trust

Why are survival products that simply don’t work sold by the thousands?

How did it all start?

A good pair protective gloves (such as Endure Goatskin Gloves — pictured above) can be key to your survival and very useful for camping and working in the outdoors.

Top-rated survival gear and equipment can also be your go-to camping gear.

What is most important when choosing camping gear?

Why should safety be a priority?

What’s the difference between camping gear and survival gear?

Endure Professional Survival Kit includes items proven to save your life

In my survival kit I make sure I carry items to cover the four basic survival kit categories:

Here are the items I carry in my survival kit for each of these categories:

What is sustainable travel?

A traveler overlooking Cefalu, Sicily

Why is sustainable travel important?

Can fishing inspire strangers to meet?

Without empathy everything is at risk.

Conducting research with the Chief Fishermen of Cape Coast, Ghana

A solution to RE:Connect with the outdoors

The repercussions of ignoring nature can be catastrophic

5 Tips to Help You Collaborate

1. Know your Role

Me reaping the benefits of knowing my role

The internet has changed the way we view videos. So what do we do about it?

Nick Clement

filmmaker | drone operator | ceo @enduresurvival |cxo @locawildapp | @bdwcu alum | @RunRalphieRun alum | #outdoors | formerly @COParksWildlife

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