No Fear Fridays

During the presidential campaign we at Trump Free Tuesdays urged our followers to take one day in the week to ignore anything to do with the ignorant, racist, xenophobic, choose your negative adjective, Republican candidate. We hoped it would help keep people sane in a time of insanity.

Trump Free Tuesdays closed its doors on election day, hoping we all could have a Trump Free Forever. That hope dashed, some have asked for TFT to reopen. We feel that wouldn’t be a good idea. Now more than ever we have to be vigilant and not flag in our efforts to right a listing ship. We need to keep our eyes open seven days a week with this administration.

So, to support all in this troubled time we have opened No Fear Fridays.

Demagogues like Donald Trump use fear to control those they want to subjugate. They manipulate the legitimate fears of those who feel they have been forgotten. They replace reason with brute force. And they stem protest and dissension with subtle and not-so-subtle intimidation.

The last week has shown us that while Donald Trump is walking back some of his most outrageous claims and proposals, the spirit of his campaign is very much alive and kicking. We will all be challenged in the years ahead to keep on track during the onslaught.

This is true of both those who opposed Trump and those who voted for him. His supporters fear that this proven con man won’t change his stripes and they will be the next of his victims. Those who understood the danger have no reason to believe he is any less dangerous now.

So, No Fear Fridays will be a place to go to once a week to remind yourself what is needed in these dark times — courage. We encourage participation.

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