FIFA World Cup to Expand to 48 Teams in 2026

As night shift manager of Grupo Taoz SAC and Lafromagerie SAC in Lima, Peru, Reem Taoz performs duties such as event planning and organization as well as account management. In his free time, Reem Taoz is a sports fan, and enjoys watching tennis and soccer.

The Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) Council voted in January to increase the number of teams that will participate in its World Cup Finals event from 32 to 48 teams beginning with the 2026 tournament. Under the new arrangement, the previous configuration of eight groups with four teams per group will be replaced with 16 groups of three teams each. There will be five different points of elimination, and the tournament’s winner will have played seven matches before it’s over. However, the length of the tournament will remain 32 days.

While there has yet to be any indication of which regions will receive greater representation in the tournament’s final round, Asia and Africa have the largest number of votes in the FIFA, so it is expected that the majority of the new slots will go to them. Financially, research conducted by FIFA indicates that additional corporate sponsors and television contracts should increase the event’s revenue by more than $1 billion.

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