Available part time jobs in Mumbai

Part time jobs are a great career option for people who want to earn some extra cash while they are busy with school, full-time or family. Mumbai, being the city of opportunities, offers a vast career avenues to people who are looking for a right job to earn some extra bucks. A lot of people assume that they won’t get any benefits as a part time employee, but in reality, there are some employees that offer benefits when you work with them for a set amount of time. A number of part time jobs in Mumbai come along with benefits like paid holidays, health coverage, discounts, etc. It doesn’t matter, if you are a collegian who needs to pay off loans, a stay-at-home mother who needs an extra income source or an office goer who is searching for an opportunity to earn extra money, there’s most likely a part time job available for you. Here are just a few of the part time jobs which are available in Mumbai-

Corporate financial careers= Fondly known as the financial capital of India, Mumbai has an impressive financial sector, which boasts the presence of both domestic & international players. This category includes several different areas, including tax researchers, certified public accountants, financial analysts, etc. There are various computer-based jobs which can now be done from any part of the world. There are many corporate finance jobs which require employees to visit the office once or twice a week and thus, they can do their remaining work at home.

Due to the explosion of literature, financial news and websites over the past few years, there is a high demand of talented financial writers. This type of part time job in Mumbai can be easily done from home as all work is deliverable electronically via email and web servers. There is rarely a paucity of work for finance writers. In order to carve a niche for yourself in the writing field, you’ll need a master’s degree in management, economics or finance. However, there are some writers who have become successful by having the skills to write a well-researched copy about financial topics that are also well-researched.

Corporate Tech= If you are a technology guru, then you should explore opportunities either on or off campus as the tech support worker or retail clerk in the computer store. Especially those who are holding or pursuing degrees in areas like computer science or tech support, can provide insight into the kinds of issues which an average computer user is facing.

Administrative Assistants= You might be thinking an administrative assistant as the person who sits at a desk throughout the day, attends phone calls and type letters. Although, it is true to some extent, but there are some executives also who are looking for part time help when their work pressure is unusually high. Thanks to the technology, now you can work remotely as virtual assistants.

Entertainment industry= Who can forget the Bollywood industry of Mumbai, which is receiving an overwhelming response from people throughout the world. By 2016, the revenue from the industry is expected to reach $4.5 billion. Every month, hundreds of television serials and films are produced where there is a constant demand of people as junior artists, hair dresser, makeup artists, etc. It means, if you are weaving a dream to make a big in the film industry, then it is the right time to do so, as you can find enormous part time jobs. Bollywood is the greatest attraction for singers, musicians and other creative persons. There are ample of part time jobs available for choreographers, photographers and creative writers who play an indispensable role in the making of a film. The smaller screen too is a steady source of income for a good number of creative people aspiring to use their skills to find part time employment opportunities. Television channels provide a good number of part time jobs for cameraman, writers and other creative people who pour their creativity in producing interesting programs.

Where to find part time jobs in Mumbai?

Owing to the power of the internet, finding a good part time job in Mumbai has now become easy. There are various job portals like CareerBuilder, which are offering some promising part time job options in Mumbai. You can apply for abundant options on a mere mouse click.

However, here it is important to note that there are some fraudulent part time jobs which promise to pay you unrealistic money. Also, never pay for those job options that promise to give you a part time job once you will pay them hefty amount. Such schemes are designed to dupe people and therefore, you should never pay heed to these scam jobs and act prudently before applying for a job online.

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