Career in BPOs

BPOs, stands for Business Process Outsourcing, offer promising opportunities to young professionals in India. This is a field where thousands of professionals are employed and earning a great salary-packages.

These are those companies that hire people on their payroll and offer them work projects of their customers, which are situated across different parts of the world. In a simple language, BPO is a company that hire people for imparting services to worldwide clients. The work these professionals offer mainly included data entry, content writing, telecalling, medical transcription, etc.

How to find a BPO job?

To get a position in the BPO, you are required to be qualified and experienced. You can even start working after school or college and can earn a good amount. The BPO sector is highly challenging and you need to be extremely fast and professional in order to keep up with the pace. If you are possessing good communication skills, you can start by doing customer service jobs. If you have a good technical knowledge, then you should try to secure a position of the technical support profession.

A student who has just cleared the school and is looking for a part time job, BPO offers booming options. You can join as a customer support executive, a technical support executive or a process executive at the beginning at a decent amount that would compensate your pocket money. For a collegian, BPO is the right choice to get some industrial exposure at a young age.

Is it a good career choice?

Choosing a BPO career would be the right choice for students who want to face challenges on the work place. Owing to hectic long work hours that you would require to put on the job, you should be ready to face a lot of pressures. Also, it is a job with odd timings and you should be ready to let go of your daily routine activities. Moreover, growth in a BPO is more promising as compared to other industries.

BPO job prospects

The job prospects in BPO are quite flourishing as various countries like USA and UK prefer to outsource their jobs to different nations like India, Pakistan and other Asian countries. Moreover, you can check online job portals for BPO jobs, like CareerBuilder and find jobs for process executives if you are a fresh graduate. If you are an experienced person from the IT sector, you should check out job positions in other divisions like Operations Management, Content Management, Research and Analytics, Legal Services, Training and Consultancy and Data Analytics.


The salary-package of BPO employees varies between Rs 8000–25,000/month. However, the package would depend on the complexity and shift requirements of the job.

Also, the career growth is quite promising and within a few years, you can become a team lead or a group leader.

Global exposure

There are various leading companies in the fields of IT, publications, financial and legal services which are outsourcing their work to Asian nations as labor is cheap in these countries. Furthermore, this has opened up a wide galore of opportunities for young professionals.

Some of the leading companies offering BPO jobs are-

As per the NASSCOM, the top BPOs in the country are-

1 Genpact
2. WNS Global
3. IBM Daksh
4. Aditya Birla Minacs Worldwide
6. Wipro BPO
7. First Source
8. Infosys BPO
10. EXL Service Holdin

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