What do you want to pursue- Civil engineering or electrical engineering?

Many young students nowadays want to build their career as the engineer. Some want to construct buildings, bridges while others want to make judicious use of electricity in power machines. However, at a young age, we all have a blur idea of these engineering professions. This article will help readers know, including young aspiring engineers, all about civil engineering and electrical engineering job.

Civil engineering vs electrical engineering job

Civil engineering= When we talk about designing, constructing, planning or maintaining buildings, railways, dams and other formations, there is a high need of civil engineers. This branch of engineers not only plan & create designs, but they also ensure that every project they are handling is completely safe. There are multiple divisions & subdivisions of engineering and it comprises of geo- technical, environmental, coastal, transportation, construction, water resources, surveying, material engineering and structural engineering. If you are a student who is interested in construction & development of large formation, then civil engineering career and job is the right choice for you.

Electrical engineering= Electrical engineers are required when you need to work on electricity, electronics and electromagnetism. They are specialized in installing electrical circuits and are also responsible in lightning various structures which civil engineers design and build.

To give a better view of the both fields of engineering, let’s have a close look towards education requirement and available job options.

Education required

Civil engineering= If you have decided to build your career as the civil engineer then there are two options which are available in front of you. Either you can go for the three year diploma program or can pursue a degree course. After completing your graduate program, you can go for the four year program. Once you have finished your degree course, you can go for the post-graduate program if you are interested in research or teaching field. The doctoral program is available for those who want to go for higher studies.

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Electrical engineering= After the completion of your Class 12th with Physics, Chemistry and Maths (PCM) as main subjects, you need to clear the entrance examinations, like AIEEE, IIT JEE, etc; if you want to do B.E/B. Tech course. There are PhD courses also available which can be pursued by candidates who are interested in research fields.

Job prospects

Civil engineering= There is no dearth of good civil engineering jobs both in India and abroad. In fact, if we talk about India, then the demand of civil engineers is only going to rise in the coming years as the nation is ready to upgrade its infrastructure with an increasing economic clout in the world. Also, the career opens a plethora of opportunities in different government departments. Civil engineers can find employment in all big construction projects which are carried out by different government departments. Also, enormous civil engineering jobs are available in the private sector. Civil engineers are employed in the armed forces where they are making a significant contribution towards the protection of the nation.

Some of the top employers in India who are offering civil engineering jobs are-

  1. Larsen and Toubro limited



4. Ambuja cement company

5. Nircon Engineering Consultants


Electrical engineering= Electrical engineers are required both in private as well as public sectors. Those candidates who have earned a high degree in engineering can find opportunities in hydroelectric power plants, natural gas plants, atomic power plants, electricity boards, thermal power plants robotics, steel plants, biomedical electronics sector, petroleum and steel plants.

Some of the top employers in India who are offering electrical engineering jobs are-

  1. Bajaj International Pvt Ltd

2. Crompton Greaves Limited

3. Dev Denso Power Ltd

4. Indian Space Research Organization



7. Bharat Heavy Electrical Limited (BHEL)

8. Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL)

Salary package

On an average, a Civil Engineer earns Rs 356,164 per year. The experience greatly influences the package. Most of the people with the civil engineering tag move on to high level after 4–5 years of experience. Similarly, an average salary of an Electrical Engineer is Rs 343,346 per year. After gaining some work experience, you can become a Senior Electrical Engineer and afterwards, you can move to the Project Manager job profile.

source= .businessnewsdaily.com

In a nutshell, anyone who wants to become an engineer should follow his area of interest. These two branches of engineering make up our today’s world and therefore, you can find a lot to choose from.

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