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For ages, people have revered the relationship between a brother and sister. And Rakshabandhan is a traditional Indian festival celebrated in honor of this unique bond of love. Even though Rakshabandhan originated as a Hindu festival, the occasion has become largely secular now. And online rakhi sweeping has also helped in popularizing the celebrations overseas.

Rakhi with Sweets and Dry Fruits

Of all human relationships, people have revered the one between a brother and sister for ages. It is a unique and special bond based on equality and friendship. Growing up in close proximity of one another they are often the mirror image of one another in their preferences, and they seem to have almost a telepathic connection when it comes to feelings. They are the best of friends and often they take the role of protectors for one another. Even after marriages, they remain close and in touch for a lifetime. With all their similarities and closeness, brothers and sisters share a unique relationship and love that is not equaled by any other else.

Online Rakhi with Sweets

Rakshabandhan is a traditional Indian festival which has been celebrated for ages in honor of this unique bond of love. The festival usually falls in the month of August, and it is celebrated on the full moon day of the Hindu calendar month of Shravana. On the occasion of Rakshabandhan, sisters and brothers everywhere try and reach out to one other in order to celebrate the festival together and with other family members. People all over the country celebrate the festival with lots of fervor and enthusiasm. Familial ties are an important aspect of this festival and the celebrations are marked by family reunions, social gatherings and community feasts.

The most important feature of the festival is the tying of the sacred thread which is also known as rakhi. And from this Rakshabandhan is also popularly known as Rakhi festival. On the occasion of the festival, brothers visit their sisters and then they have a formal aarti ceremony done before them. After this the sisters tie a rakhi around their wrists and in return the brothers take a pledge to protect and safeguard her at all times and also presents her with gifts. The rituals of Rakshabandhan are mainly focused on real brothers and sister, but over the years it has undergone transitions and has acquired a much broader outlook. Rakhis are tied to anybody whom one considers as brothers even biologically unrelated people such as friends, neighbors and acquaintances. Indian tradition maintains that the ties of the rakhi are so significant and powerful that whosoever is bound by a rakhi naturally assumes the role of a real brother and it becomes his solemn duty to safeguard her at all times.

Even though Rakshabandhan originated as a Hindu festival, the occasion has become largely secular and people from all ethnicities and religions whether they are Sikhs, Christians, Jains or Muslims participate in the festival with equal fervor. Rakshabandhan celebrations have also spread even outside the country and the Indian Diaspora all over the world celebrates this occasion too. And the rise of online Rakhi shopping has proved to be so beneficial for the population outside the country. There is an authentic feel to the celebrations now that they have access to traditional fares such as ethnic Rakhi threads, Rakhi Puja thalis and Rakhi with sweets.

People can also order online rakhi and sweets and send them to their relatives and friends in faraway places for Rakshabandhan.