Karwa Chauth Gifts for Wife in Honor of Her Devotion

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Karwa/Karva Chauth Festival

On the occasion of Karva Chauth, a married woman observes a ritual fast for the longevity, well-being and prosperity of their husbands. The fast is completed once the moon is seen and then prayers are offered to it. It is also the custom for the husbands to present karva chauth gifts for wife on the occasion.

Family ties and marital relationships are of prime importance in Indian traditions. And for every married woman in the country, Karwa chauth comes as a significant and special festival. It is considered to be the most important occasion as on the day of Karwa Chauth, married women observes a traditional fast and offer prayers for the wellbeing of their husbands. Karva Chauth comes from the Sanskrit word ‘Karva’ which means an earthen pot with a spout and “chauth” meaning the “fourth day.” It is celebrated on the fourth day of the new moon in the Hindu calendar month of Kartik. On Karwa Chauth day, married women are supposed to not eat food from morning to sunset. The fast is considered as the most important fast observed in Indian traditions as women don’t even go for a drop of water the whole day. The fast ends only after the moon is sighted. The women view the moon through a sieve, or through the cloth of a dupatta and offer water and flowers to the moon. The worship for the day is deemed complete with the husband presenting the first sip of water and the first morsel of food to his wife.

There are also whole lot of other traditions associated with Karva Chauth and preparations for the occasion start before the sunrise. The mother-in-law makes “sargi” which is usually vermicelli kheer or dry fruits and this is the last meal the women will have for the whole day She hands over the ‘sargi’ to the daughter-in-law which is consumed before sunrise. Karwa chauth is indeed an occasion to bring members of a family close together.

Starting from sunrise the women restrain themselves from eating or drinking anything in order to make the fast successful. During the whole day the women usually do no housework and they pass the day by applying mehendi on their hands and meeting friends and relatives. In the evening, the women of the locality gather in groups for the Karva Chauth “Katha” or the narration of mythological stories centered on Karva Chauth. An elderly woman in the house usually undertakes the role of narration as the women eagerly listen to her.

Karwa/Karva Chauth Gift Ideas Online
Karwa/Karva Chauth Jewellery

Both online and offline stores are filled with online Karwa Chauth gift items which the husbands can gift to the wife as a token of appreciation. Gifts are a way of expressing your love and affection, at the same time they strengthen the bond too. The Karwa Chauth gift ideas may range from designer sarees to jewelry to chocolate and sweets hamper, or you can even have them all. Besides these, go for a set of branded cosmetics which she is surely going to like and will make her feel special.

Karwa/Karva Chauth Dry Fruits Online

The fast of Karva Chauth is symbolic of the love and devotion that Indian women have for their husbands. They undertake the hard day long fast for the welfare and prosperity of their husbands and this selfless act is honored by the traditional Karva Chauth gift for wife. People have maintained the traditions of the festivals throughout the ages and they are still followed popularly today. The gifts are an important tradition and even when the husband cannot be present on the occasion they send Karwa Chauth gifts online or through postal and courier services.

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