List Of Top 5 P2P Lending Platforms In India

Peer 2 Peer (P2P) lending is gaining popularity day by day as it not only removes the middlemen but also facilitates a hassle-free process for obtaining a loan. A general brick and mortar lending institutions involves a cumbersome process and majorly require a good credit rating. In case you fail to acquire a good CIBIL score, the chances of your loan application to get rejected are quite high.

Contrarily P2P lending provides a platform where individuals can borrow money directly from the lenders eliminating the official financial institutions. No doubt, that the quantum of risk involved is quite high but it serves the people who are not able to manage a good CIBIL score. As the amount of risk involved is quite high, the lenders also have an edge with higher rate of interest compare to traditional prime loans. Also known as social lending, it is a successful model across globe as alternate financing.

Below are the top 5 competent players in the P2P Lending segment in India:


By diligently evaluating credit risk against each loan, a specific risk category from A — F is assigned to the loan and thus, the interest is awarded to its lender depending upon the level of risk they choose. You have a unique option to prepay your loan at your convenience without any prepayment penalty.


With the aim to revolutionize your personal loan needs, Lendbox believes in serving its clientele without imposing any hidden charges. A team of dynamic professional with diverse background here caters efficiently personal credit sector in an efficient manner.


Unlike the massive overheads which general lending institution incur to provide loans, this P2P platform keeps its institutional charges to bare minimum and eliminates high margins. So, the benefit of cost is ultimately passed on to its clients and they can grab the best rate of interest here as a lender or a borrower.

Rupaiya Exchange

This online platform specializes in facilitating unsecured and secured personal and business loans up to 10 lakhs. This Delhi based player has so far successfully disburse more than 9 crores with a target scaling up to disburse Rs. 100 crores. More than 100 parameters are defined to process an application for loan.

LenDen Club

It facilities like same-day approval and serve a wide range of interest starting from 12.5% to 35% depending upon the level of risk makes its clients go-happy about it. In case your loan gets approved and by any reason does not get funded, they ensure to return 50% of your registration fee.

So, next time if you seek a personal loan and CIBIL score hinders you for that matter, P2P lending is the one-stop solution that can cater all your needs without any delay!