Arranging Your Shop Shelving To Increase Sales

When it comes to the retail profession, the old adages like ‘first impressions count’ and ‘you never get a second chance to make a first impression’ could not be more true. The aim of a retail shop display is to tempt the customer and unless your premises look welcoming and enticing, your potential customer will simply be a passerby. Here, in this article we’ll discuss the latest retail shop display shelving solution that will eventually help you stand out in the crowd.

If you want the most adaptable option for retail stores, gondola shop display shelving is the best option to go for. It provides a free standing display unit that tends to create store-aisles with shelving on either side. Gondola shelving is available in different heights and depths, and this type of shelving also allows each individual shelf to be adjusted to the proper height, according to the size of the products to be displayed. The average gondola shelving comes in heights ranging from 1.4m to 2.1m, and depths ranging from 250mm to 570mm. If you want to maintain a clear view across the store, low gondola shelves might be more appropriate, whereas a high gondola shop shelving is more commonly used in larger supermarkets and cash and carry stores, allowing for a greater number of products to be displayed at different heights.

Gondola display shelving works out best when you want to create aisles in a store. You need to place these shelves in such a way that they optimize the traffic flow throughout the shop. You can get this look by making one line of gondolas slightly shorter than the one next to it, encouraging a natural turning point for customers. Some shop owners might prefer a number of short aisles, or a few longer aisles; it all depends on your space. By creating aisles, you eventually allow customers to browse easily, and also increases the possibility that they will spend longer in the store and explore each separate aisle, which in turn supports impulse buying!

Place your gondola units at different heights and in different configurations to build interest and novelty to your product displays. Due to the fact that gondola shelves are adjustable, you can change your displays whenever you need to, whether it’s to position a particular product at eye-level, or to create a seasonal display. You can also tilt some gondola shelves in order to display paper goods such as magazines and cards.

Other than display shelving units, retail shopfitting services and shelving accessories also lend a hand to organize your stock and make it easy for customers to see the prices and descriptions. You can use epos ticket strips, wire or acrylic risers, and shelf dividers in order to keep your products neat and ordered.

Whether you are in search of new or used shop display shelving, gondola shelving is a great option to create new display space or to provide a complete store refit. Get in touch with a reputable shop shelving supplier to help you find the right type of units that suit your business needs well. Possibly you need to source shelving units that match existing ones, or perhaps you’re after a completely new configuration to create an engaging, efficient store layout — whatever your requirements are, it’s always best to use the expertise and experience of a good supplier to help you find the right option for your retail store.