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Apr 16, 2016 · 3 min read

Choosing the Best Blast Chiller

The blast chillers are used for freezing and chilling the food products very quickly. This makes the food products last longer as the temperature of the food products is lowered very quickly and the growth of bacteria can be prevented by decreasing the temperature rapidly. The commercial blast chillers are very useful for in commercial kitchens. It increases the shelf life of the food products which is perfect for preserving the food products.

Before buying the blast chiller for your place there are certain factors that need to be considered like the size of the blast chiller and the type of the blast chiller. There are different types of blast chillers available in the market like the under counter appliance, counter top model, reach-in chiller and roll in chiller. The location of the compressor also needs to be considered.
Here are two of the blast chillers to choose from:

Tefcold BLC5 5:

This blast chiller is fully automatic appliance and it has fan assisted cooling. The feet of the freezer are adjustable which makes it easier to move when required. It features digital controller and a temperature display.

It is equipped with replaceable door gaskets and also has a temperature probe. It has four pre-settable programs and it accepts 1/1 gastro norm and the pans of the blast chiller are 60x40 Euro-norm. The door of the blast chiller is self-closing.

The external dimensions of the blast chiller are 995 x 800 x 815 mm (H x W x D). The max ambient temperature of the chiller is 18 C to 38 % RH. The external and the internal finish of the chiller is made up of stainless steel.

The temperature range of the chiller is +70 to -18 C. The number of shelves provided is five. The refrigerant used in the chiller is R404a and the net weight of the chiller is 120 kg. It has the feature of auto defrost. It can freeze 12 kg in just 240 minutes.

Polar DN493:

This blast chiller has a solid single door made up of stainless steel. The door of the blast chiller is self-closing and maximum ambient temperature is 38 C. The dimensions of the blast chiller are 995(h) x 800(w) x 815(d) mm.

The internal and the external finish of the blast chiller is made up of stainless steel. The refrigerant used is R404a. It has five shelves which have GN 1/1 capacity. This is an upright chiller but the net weight of the chiller is 116 kg. The temperature range of the blast chiller is 70 to -18°C. It can chill 18 kg of food in 90 mins and 14 kg food in 240 minutes.

Making a wise choice:

The blast chillers are very handy commercial kitchen equipment. There is an extensive variety of blast chillers and most of them feature same specifications. The above mentioned blast chillers have same features but there are certain things that make the Tefcold blast chiller stand out.

The tefcold’s chiller is fully automatic which makes it very easy and convenient to use. it has replaceable door gaskets and features a digital controller.

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