Frequently Asked Questions about the Wine Coolers

Choosing the wine cooler is not a very easy task because there is an extensive range of wine coolers available in the market. There are countless options of sizes and features when it comes to the wine coolers. It is easy to buy a wine chiller fridge if you are aware of the benefits each feature can provide.

Here are some of the important questions which can help in choosing the wine coolers which are most suitable for your business. These questions are asked very frequently and are important ones.

Single temperature and dual temperature zone wine cooler:

The difference between single and double temperature zone wine cooler:

The wine coolers with a single wine temperature zone have just a single temperature control. The storage space of the appliance is single. This wine cooler is set to a same temperature. The dual temperature zone wine coolers have two separate temperature controls. The storage space of these wine coolers are divided in to separate sections. The temperature of the different sections can be adjusted according to the requirements. The dual temperature wine coolers are the best way of storing the wines of different types.

How to store red and white wines in same cooler:

The white wine is stored at a temperature range of 46 F to 56 F. the red wines need to be stored at 58 C to 68 F. The dual temperature zone wine coolers are the best option for storing different types of wine coolers.

The dual zone cooler makes it possible to maintain two different temperature zones in the same cooler. This appliance has a larger storage space. But even if you do not have a dual temperature zone wine cooler you can store the wine of different types in just one cooler. If you are storing your wine in the under counter wine refrigerator, then the red wines should be stored in the top shelves because they are the warmest shelves. There is just 5 to 8 degrees temperature difference between the top shelves and the bottom shelves.

Freestanding or built-in wine coolers:

Difference between the two:

The wine coolers which are freestanding are designed to stand alone while the built-in coolers are designed to be placed in to the counters which already exist.

The freestanding coolers dissipate heat from the back so that the appliance is not heated. If the appliance gets heated then it will decrease the life of the appliance and decrease its efficiency.

Thermoelectric or compressor based wine coolers:

The wine coolers which are small in size feature thermoelectric cooling. It contains a cooling node and it has a ceramic tile through which the electricity passes. They have small fans inside them which help in even distribution of the temperature. This appliance doers not has a compressor and as a result produce little noise. The compressor based wine coolers have a greater temperature range and they are better equipped to function in a commercial environment. If you want to buy a freestanding appliance then you should choose thermoelectric wine cooler. If you have warm rooms then the compressor based coolers are best suited for you.