Know the Different types of Wooden Shelving

Shelving is a very important and vital part of retail shops. The shelves are the place where all of the products are displayed for the customers. It is very important to have the best shelving for your business.

The retail shop shelves are available in several different materials. Wood shelves are very simple and attractive shelves. They are excellent for retail shops. They are an excellent option for displaying your products and attract more customers. The size and shape of the wood shelves can be determined according to the requirements of the business.

First of all you need to determine what type of wood is perfect for your retail shop. Here are different types of wood shelving that can be used in retail shops. The decision of the type you choose depends on how you want the shelves to look and the weight of the products that you are planning to display or store.


This is a solid wood option and it is like pine and it can be cut easily in to any shape and size. It is easy to work with. It is pretty strong and can hold heavy object. It can have both paint and stain well. It is an expensive wood. It is important to predrill the screws to avoid splitting. Hire the professional shopfitters to give the catchy to retail shop.


Hardwood is another type of solid wood which is very good for wood shelving. They are of very high quality and best suited for loading heavy objects. They are durable and strong. They may be expensive but if your budges allows you should choose it because it also looks beautiful.

Plywood shelving:

Plywood is a manufactured wood and is extremely easy to work with. It is not very expensive and it is also very durable. It is made by bonding different layers of wood together. Each of the layers is laid by the grain and its perpendicular to the next. This structure makes it very strong. The plywood is divided into different grades based upon the finished product.

· A — Grade:

The A — grade plywood is the best quality. It is easily paintable and any repairs made to the surface of shelves made up of this material are done with the same wood with grain alignment. It really helps in hiding any defects it may have.

· B — Grade:

They also have very few blemishes. In these shelves the repairs are more visible and they may be done with wood or a synthetic material.

· C — Grade:

There are some defects in this type of wood and there might be some discoloration easily visible but these factors do not affect the strength of the wood in any way. The repairs on it may be done with the help of wood or synthetic material.

· D — Grade:

This type of should is suitable for indoors and completely dry places because moisture can damage them.

Particle board:

This type of wood is also good for shop display shelving because it is durable and cheap. It is made up of saw dust, wood chips and some other materials left when the wood is milled. They are heavier than plywood.