Saving Energy Through Chiller Doors

At present, when countries facing energy shortages and fuel prices are constantly increasing, the question that is often asked by retailers is, ‘Do we really need to install chiller doors in order to save energy costs?’ Well, I know what’s actually dragging your feet, considering that doing a retrofit really means spending large sums of money without seeing instant gains. Here, the major challenge is to decide what kind of retrofit chiller door will benefit the retailers most.

Installing Chiller Doors To Open Cases

When it comes to installing chiller doors to open cases, it significantly helps in plummeting air loss of about 60% to 80% which eventually results in massive energy savings. You are just reducing the load with chiller doors installed in your refrigerated cabinets, which latterly cause system energy savings. Most of the food retail outlets use energy-intensive applications, for instance, a typical super store consumes 2 to 3 million KWh/year and refrigeration equipment’s are the biggest consumers, which is equal to 50% of the total energy used.

In the retail environment, frequent door opening cause cold air spillage, which results in increased energy consumption as the unit requires extra refrigeration energy and ambient reheat. In most of the retail stores, almost 50% of the display units are open and ultimately retailers beat heavy energy bills. Are you one of them? Then, don’t waste your time and install chiller doors on your appliances today and saves heavily on energy costs.

Benefits Of Chiller Doors

Chiller doors offer several non-energy benefits to its customers such as superior product life, better shopper comfort and reduced product losses. On the contrary, some experts express concerns regarding implementation barriers.

· Reported disparities between the actual and expected energy benefits or the fear that project results might be conflicting with the prospects.

· High-cost concerns; since retailers are very sensitive about the capital costs.

· Perceptions that retrofit doors negatively affect sales.

However, all these barriers resulted due to the knowledge gaps in the minds of the customer.

The first and the foremost thing that you need to consider while discussing the poor retrofit door’s performance is the inadequate planning and execution. Another important factor that needs consideration is the system-wide changes in relation to the energy efficient chiller doors that are mostly overlooked. And lastly, financial impact and payback, which is typically misconstrued.

When it comes to overcoming knowledge gaps, suppliers must have to develop and publicize best practices to reduce technical barriers. As a retailer, you need to reveal cost/performance benefits in order to convince your potential customers. By installing chiller doors comes from Teknodor, you can save up to 60% of your energy bill while cutting your expenses by a long way. Moreover, by doing so, you can minimize the CO2 burden, which dynamically contribute to environmental protection and eventually make your environmentally friendly side clear in front of your customers — a clear benefit for your image! So, install chiller doors today and perfectly manage your frozen food and beverages, while cutting energy costs to a greater extent.