Tips for the Creative Display of the Fish Meat

It is not an easy task to sell fresh seafood. Businesses that sell the fish have to encounter a lot of challenges. It is not easy to keep the fish fresh and nutritious. Like all the other food products the seafood is also perishable. The temperature at which the fish is stored is very important. There are fish fridges which are able to provide the right temperature for storing the fish. It also helps in displaying the fish for the customers. The fish display counters are an integral part of the food business which sells the seafood.

These display counter for fish can be an exciting and creative way of attracting and engaging the customers. Presentation plays an important role in the sales of a place. If the seafood is displayed in the best possible way, more customers will be attracted to the shop. It is important that the seafood looks fresh.

There are several ways of making the seafood look attractive. The food can be displayed, strategically in the fish serve over counters. These appliances are not just good for the presentation of the fish, but also for its good quality. Here are some useful tips on how to present or arrange the fish and show off the quality and the quantity of the fish you have to offer to the customers. These tips are easy and useful in making sure that the seafood is kept fresh and it looks appealing.

The appeal of ice:

Laying the fresh fish on the top of crushed ice create an excellent and clean look. The crushed ice does not just make the ice look clean but creates a visually pleasing site. Always prefer to use the crushed ice. Do not use the bigger ice cubes. The big ice cubes melt very quickly and these big ice cubes can also because freezer burn. It will also result in discoloring of the fish. Maintain the ice is also important for keeping the fish fresh. As the ice melts replace it with fresh ice. Replace the ice as you put the new batch of seafood on display. It is not good for the fish to be placed in the juices of the old batch. As the crushed ice is placed, dig out the places to place your fish. After the fish is placed in the dig out places. After the fish is placed on the ice, sprinkle some of the ice on the food as well. It keeps the fish cooler and creates a pleasant effect visually.


The seafood is full of variety and color. There are so many different colored fish so it is not difficult to be creative with the display of the fresh fish. If you take some time in displaying the fish products, it can be very creative. Having the fish displayed aesthetically will create a pleasing site for the customers. Here are some tips for creating a beautiful, colorful and aesthetic display.

1. If you want your seafood to stand out then it is better to place the contrasting colors next to each other. You can place the bright orange salmon fillets between the white cod or the pink striations of the catfish. This is a strategy which will help you in highlighting all of the fillets that you have to offer.

2. The meat should always be facing towards the customers so that they can have a good look at it before they choose to buy it. The skin of the meat should never be towards the customers. The fish should be placed with skin on the ice.

3. The same types of the seafood should be placed together. You could place all of the shellfish in one place. The whole fish can be placed in one place and the fillets can be placed together so that the customers are able to make their choice easily without any delay.

4. Do not place all of the fish in the same direction. This will create a boring presentation. It is better to be creative with the direction in which the whole fish or the fillets are placed. Some of them can be placed lengthwise while the others can be longwise. This will make the products look interesting and more appealing.

5. It is important that the lines and edges of the fillet are clean and smooth. The ragged edges of the fillets are not a good and attractive sight for the customers. The smooth and good edges will tell the customers about the quality of the products.

6. The seafood can pop visually if the green foliage is placed on the fish meat. The green garnishments like parsley, lettuce can be good at providing a good visual sight and attract the customers towards the seafood. These garnishes can also help in filling the spaces between the products.

Keeping the seafood fresh:

While the customers are choosing the fish, the freshness of the fish is their priority. The taste and the nutritious value of the seafood are because of the freshness. Always refrain from stacking up all of the seafood at one time. This will cause the seafood to lose freshness more quickly. It is better to add the restrained amount of the fish. This will help in keeping the fish fresh for the customers. If the seafood is piled up, it will become dry quicker. If there are fewer items displayed, then the fish will look cleaner and customers will always prefer to buy their fish from clean and hygienic looking fish counter displays.

Keeping raw and cooked separately:

Never keep the raw fish and the cooked fish in the same area. This will result in cross food contamination which is not good at all. If the raw and cooked so food is displayed in the same area, there is a great chance that the juices from the raw fish will enter the cooked fish. This will cause the fish to get spoiled. Always keep them separate. The smell of the raw fish can also spoil the cooked fish.

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